Curation Collection

While following the scent through a range of databases, on a journey to discover answers to my initial inquiry questions, I picked up lots of new resources along the way. The top resources have been curated in a collection focused on my initial research question, which is titled ‘Inquiry Learning Curation: How can a teacher-librarian facilitate authentic inquiry learning across all stages within the primary school?’

Click here to see the entire collection, curated using Scoop.It!

Image created by author from Scoop.It!

One thought on “Curation Collection

  1. Hi Claire

    Thank you for the opportunity to read your blog posts and specifically this post on your Curation Collection. I am not a teacher-librarian (and I realise there are many in this particular course) however I feel if I ever needed a comprehensive understanding of the role of teacher-librarians in the Inquiry Learning Process, then your curated collection of resources would be my first port of all as it fits the bill in every way.

    I really appreciated your succinct writing style describing the relevance of each resource. There is much diversity across your choice of resources: from articles to blogs, journals to guidelines, powerpoint presentations to info graphics – its all in there. I also liked that you positioned resources with two of the doyennes of Inquiry Learning: Carol Kuhlthau and Kath Murdoch – at the head of your curation because that gives the reader instant tacit knowledge of who to seek out for more information on best practice Inquiry Learning.

    I don’t have any criticisms of your post Claire. The only thing I would change is the length of your title. A snappier title will stay with the reader after they have moved on. But really, that is a very small negative. Great work!



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